90 Days to Confidence, Clarity and the Love You Deserve

Yes!  I'm READY for my RESET!

You’ve been on the dating scene a while (or maybe you’re just getting back out there) but you're not having fun and you're nowhere near finding love.  

You're sick of being disappointed by dead-end relationships and time wasters. Not to mention unsolicited 🍆 pics…

You’re over the unavailable men, the narcissists, the games and ghosting…

You find yourself:

- Analyzing everything he says and does, trying to figure out what they really mean...

- Wondering if there are actually any single, straight, good men your age left out there...

- Constantly on the lookout for red flags...

You have so much to offer but you're beyond frustrated because you can't seem to find someone worth offering it to…

The Relationship Reset is for you. 

I created the Relationship Reset because so many smart, successful women just like you struggle to navigate today’s dating scene and find the love they want and deserve.  

This program is specifically structured to provide a simple (but effective) way for you to:

✅ Build your confidence

✅ Attract quality men

Finally have a healthy, happy relationship.

The Relationship Reset is for you if...

You think you might be too needy, insecure, messy, loud, weird or independent to be successful in a long term relationship.

💔 SIDE NOTE: You’re exactly enough right now to be loved, just as you are.

You've ever said something, done something or sent a text and then obsessed about it for an hour.

Your love life feels like a roller coaster - one day you think he might be "The One" and the next day he has you blocked.

You struggle to keep up with the latest "rules"

🤷‍♀️ How many dates should you wait to have sex?

🤷‍♀️ What's the best way to keep him interested without seeming desperate?

🤷‍♀️ What does it really mean when you're "left on read"?

The Relationship Reset is for the overthinkers, the empaths and the women who are reluctant to date but still really want to be in love.

On your own, the modern dating scene can be a nightmare, but this program is exactly what you need to make finding love with the right man a fun, easy and successful process!

It's Time To Fall In Love Again... ...with your life!

Join the Relationship Reset so you can:

 💕Make peace with your past so it no longer impacts your future 

 💕Let go of your emotional baggage once and for all

 💕Learn exactly why you do what you do and how to stop the patterns that aren’t serving you

 💕Feel more confident in your ability to find love without losing yourself

 💕Get clear on exactly what you want and who you want it with

 💕Start attracting quality men who actually want the same things you do

 💕Discover how healthy boundaries create happy relationships

What's included in the program?

I’ve taken the guesswork out of love and turned it into a simple, 3-month framework:

The first month is all about cleaning up the past. We're finding and letting go of emotional baggage and unhealthy patterns. Let that ish go and stop letting it block you from having the kind of relationship you really want.

In the second month you'll start becoming the woman who has the kind of love you want. You'll focus on loving yourself, harnessing your most amazing qualities, silencing your inner critic and finding the confidence you need to attract a worthy man.

During the third month, you'll get super clear on what you want and how to get it. Time for clarity on what kind of relationship you want, who you want it with and what you're willing to do to get it. Once you know your goals, you'll create a specific roadmap for exactly how to achieve them.

Note:  For the first 60 days, you’re strongly encouraged to get off the apps, take a time out from new dudes, cut off contact with your ex and focus solely on yourself. 

This isn’t required but if you do it, the results will blow your mind.

The Relationship Reset is a 3-month program that includes live training, group coaching and membership in the exclusive Relationship Reset Facebook group.

Get ALL the details below or CLICK HERE to jump to the TL/DR.

1. 12 Live Trainings ($1,200.00 value)

These weekly live classes will provide practical, step-by-step tools and proven strategies to help you:

Clean up any baggage you have from the past 

Overcome insecurity and negative thinking 

Build confidence to attract the kind of man you really want 

Learn how healthy relationships work and how to stop sabotaging yourself

Uncover the blocks preventing you from having the kind of relationship you really want 

You’ll also receive handouts and assignments to complete during the week to help you deepen your understanding of each concept and dive deeper into what it means for you. 

2. 12 Live Group Coaching Sessions ($1,500.00 value)  

Although talking about your deeply personal stuff in front of a group of women might seem awkward at first, group coaching is a powerful tool that will help you skyrocket your results.  

If you’re the one getting coached, you’ll be able to quickly cut through the confusion, overwhelm and stories in your head to get to the root of what you need to focus on in order to find love. 

Watching someone else get coached can be just as life-changing as getting coached yourself.  You’ll hear answers to questions you didn’t even know you had, you’ll realize you’re not the only one who feels the way you do, and you’ll be able to apply the coaching to your own unique experience, 

3. Membership in the exclusive Relationship Reset Facebook group ($1,000.00 value)

For the duration of the program, you’ll be a member of a supportive group of smart, successful women who are all focused on the same thing - leveling up their love life.  

PLUS, I’ll have experts dropping in often to teach bonus classes ($800.00 value) on the topics most relevant to you such as body image, attachment style, and getting over your ex once and for all.


- 90 days of cleaning up the past, feeling confident in the present and getting clear on exactly what you want.

- 12 Live Training Videos (w/handouts and assignments)  $1,200.00 value

- 12 Group Coaching Sessions:  $1,500.00 value

- 3 Months of Unlimited Support in the exclusive Relationship Reset FB Group:  $1,000.00 value

- Bonus Classes:  $800.00 value

- Confidence, Clarity and a Loving Relationship: PRICELESS

TOTAL VALUE:  $4,500.00

YOUR (much smaller) INVESTMENT:

$397.00 paid in full or

3 monthly payments of $150.00

By the end of the Relationship Reset program, you’ll be out there dating like a boss but you’re still going to have questions…

❓ How should I respond to this text he sent?

❓ What should I do when I sense him losing interest?

❓ Should I give him another chance?

❓ Is this a red flag or just a quirk?

So guess what?!

If you sign up before November 9, 2021, you'll get an entire 30 days of 1-1 support directly from me!

That’s right!  You’ll get unlimited support, answers to your questions, 1-1 coaching and custom feedback on your unique situation directly from me for a whole month!  

✨ You can reach out to me anytime via text or Facebook messenger and get a response within 12 hours.  

✨ I’ll be there every step of the way to help you get out of your comfort zone, stay safe and evaluate your results - getting you closer than you've ever been to the connection you crave.

✨ It’s basically like having a relationship expert in your pocket 24/7 while you navigate the wild world of dating. 

You’ll never go another day wondering what to do next.  


You might be thinking, "This is embarrassing. What (insert your age) year old woman has to pay to learn this stuff?"

The truth is, you’re not alone. 

Dating can be complicated at any age. 

When you add in the complexities of dating apps, getting ghosted, avoiding toxic relationships and increased pressure from society - it can be downright overwhelming.  

There’s nothing wrong with you that you haven’t been able to figure this out yourself. 

Most women haven’t. 

With the skills you’ll learn in this program, a little patience, a sense of humor, and an ability to show up as your authentic self, you’ll at least be able to enjoy the ride, despite any bumps along the way.  

You might also be thinking you can just read the books, attend the free classes online, write in your journal and figure all this out yourself.

You might be right - but this is like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks.  And while you’re playing with pasta, everyone else is out there finding their person. 

Here’s the thing - I’ve read the books.  I’ve invested thousands of dollars in training.  I’ve done ALL the work (so you don't have to) and condensed it into three months of what you need the most.  

The Relationship Reset program is designed to get right to the heart of the matter.  You’ll clean up your past, get right with yourself in the present, and then go after exactly what you want in the future in a way that is faster, simpler, and way more fun than anything you could do on your own. 

You might also be thinking you can’t afford this program or you don’t have time.

But think about how much it’s costing you not to do this.  

😩 Hours wasted swiping and scrolling and planning dates that never happen... 

😩 Lunches and dinners and drinks with men who aren’t even close to husband material...

😩 Friends and family members who are tired of listening to you complain about being alone or going on yet another bad date…

I mean, when you look at it that way, you really can’t afford not to do it.

This program WILL change your life. But don't just take my word for it!

These beautifully brave women allowed me to share their thoughts about working with me.

I hope their words inspire you to believe in your own potential for happiness, respect, and loving relationships.

Melissa is the real deal. She is an extremely talented coach. Not only have I learned so much from her, but she has allowed me to gain true insight into my past relationship problems.

My experience of working with Melissa has been nothing short of transformational. She helped me start the journey of self-love that has made all of my interpersonal relationships more meaningful.

- Laura K. (Doral, FL)

"The way Melissa guides you to question your 'stories' is masterful! She brought to light thoughts that were not even on my radar. (And I'm a life coach myself!)

What Melissa teaches comes from her expertise, unique wisdom and incredible coaching skill! Relationship coaching with Melissa will provide you with such personal insight and you will actually learn to trust in yourself. Give yourself this gift, you deserve it!

- Holly M. (Sacramento, CA)

Melissa is an incredible coach. She lays it out with love, simplicity, and honesty. When I talk to her, I feel like I'm talking to someone that I've known for years.

She has taught me how to love by showing me that I'm worthy of love. Melissa is a bright example to me, and is the coach we all want and deserve in our court.

- Lara J. (Farmington, UT)

About Me:

I reached a point in my life where I had so much going for me. I owned my own home, my career was on track, I had wonderful friends and I was #adulting. But my romantic life up until this point was a shit show.

I kept having relationships (and situationships) with men who had potential but would never be right for me. They were emotionally unavailable, dishonest, had narcissistic tendencies, or just weren’t great people.

It didn’t make sense.

I was smart, successful and a genuinely good person, so why did it seem like things were working out for everyone but me?

I didn’t know what to do but I knew I couldn’t keep doing this.

I realized I had become dependent on relationships with men to make me feel worthy and that was not who I wanted to be.

So I started a journey.

Through therapy, coaching, and a “man-free-year” I discovered how to be my own best friend. I stopped feeling like a victim. I also learned how to give myself the feelings of love, validation, and worthiness I craved.

As I began to share what I’d learned with the women around me, I realized that I wasn’t alone - SO many women were having the same struggles I was!

I knew then exactly what I was put here to do.

I became a Certified Love and Life Coach in 2016 and devoted my life to helping smart, successful women just like you finally have the love they want and deserve!

Bonus: I now have a fiancé who loves and appreciates me, too.